2006 - Fuck Eat and Fuck You Up

January, 2006

The Dwarves tear up Europe with appearances at the Leeds and Reading Festivals and on BBC radio who continue to spin instant classic 'SALT LAKE CITY'. The SLC video is filmed during the Dwarves tour of Japan where they perform live and on NHK Radio Tokyo. Australia and Hawaii feel the sickness as KMFDM drummer DUTCH OVENS makes his debut and HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED corners the market on drugs and prostitution. GREEDY WORLDWIDE is created to launder money from DWARVES merchandise across the globe. Our heroes appear on MONSTER GARAGE, PLAYBOY'S NIGHTCALLS and on soundtracks for tv shows like VIVA LA BAM, HOMEWRECKER and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. CLINT TORRES appears with soul crooner GNARLS BARKLEY and several television stars including L. RON HUBBARD. The FEFU video is made by BOB SEXTON with a little help from naked pin-up nymphets the SUICIDE GIRLS. Fetish artist DAVE NAZ contributes a huge dose of perversion as the Dwarves premiere a video that can't be shown for a song that can't be broadcast. Nudity, violence and dwarf love make FEFU the most popular GREEDY/MVD release yet and stations across the country spread the video virus while a full length FEFU dvd showcases 20 years of live insanity following the Dwarves from their midwest origins all the way to intercontinental infamy. BLAG DAHLIA releases his second novel NINA along with a spoken word cd. The reaction to this depraved tale of a wayward teenage girl is swift and harsh.

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