1994 - Dwarves Sell Out

January, 1994

Back in the USA, sold-out appearances in LA, San Francisco and New York prompt an appearance on HOWARD STERN's Show where a typically laconic HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED strips naked and performs BACH's "Das Wohltempierte Klavier". Not to be outdone, drummer VADGE MOORE schedules his own guest spot on "CONAN O'BRIEN", only to be bumped in favor of television's PUNKY BREWSTER. A brief Green Room affair quickly fizzles.  MOORE later releases his solo effort "Everything and Moore" featuring MONDO GENERATOR bass player and rabid dog MR. EVERYTHING. The record goes amethyst in Belgium (over 65 copies sold) but the tour is cancelled when guitarist WHOLLEY SMOKKES of Norwegian deathmetal band HEMI is accused of capitol murder, church burning and skating ABBA's pool. On the lam in Holland the trio acquire drugs from sampling DJ MARZ. The promise of working with the DWARVES and encountering women who shave brings them all to the USA shortly thereafter.

DWARVES shows with OFFSPRING and GREEN DAY are widely credited with resurrecting California pop punk. VADGE MOORE is badly injured when he attempts to jump over all five members of POISON IDEA on a skateboard. AMPHETAMINE REPTILE, MAN’S RUIN and SYMPATHY release various singles and comp tracks for completists.

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