1993 - Sugarfix

January, 1993

The Grunge-Lite movement invades Hollywood. Heavy metal cover bands shave their poodle cuts and trade in their spandex for flannel shirts, while aging A&R men pound their coke spoons into syringes. The DWARVES continue touring and collecting viruses while hospitalizing rabid fans in places like Richmond, VA and Bozeman, MT. A cease and desist order finally brings them to Europe with the REV. HORTON HEAT. Even with the entire country of Switzerland mobilized against them, the DWARVES perform to capacity crowds all over the continent.

With Seattle transplants CRASH LANDON and MARKY DeSADE rounding out the line-up, 'Sugarfix' is released. The single "Anybody Out There " is selected as the official anthem of the 1994 Special Olympics. The DWARVES continue to fuck and fight their way across America. A possible breakthrough cameo on "Beverly Hills 90210" is cancelled when HEWHO refuses to cover his genitalia while performing. SALTPETER briefly leaves the band for a career in proctology, but soon realizes that he actually encountered more assholes at record labels than in his practice. The DWARVES video "The Scum Also Rises" is released and promptly banned for obscenity and the worst live audio in the history of film.

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