2018: Take Back the Night

February, 2018

Teen pop whiz kid ANDY NOW mans the boards for the TAKE BACK THE NIGHT LP (GREEDY/BURGER) as the DWARVES embrace their 'turd in the punchbowl of punk' legacy.  Old school vets like VADGE MOORE and SALTPETER, studio pros like NICK OLIVERI and A TRIBE CALLED JOSH FREESE and flat out demented scallywags like the FRESH PRINCE OF DARKNESS join HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED for a spectacular and genuinely creepy record.

BLAG the RIPPER and REX EVERYTHING split vocal duties like fire and ice or Abbott and Costello.  The JULIO 7” (GREEDY/RIOTSTYLE) reminds America that the DWARVES will rip off the RAMONES as shamelessly as they bite JUSTIN BEIBER'S dance moves and the INDIGO GIRLS’ fashion sense.

Drummer HUNTER DOWN, on hiatus from rock pinup ensemble DECENT CRIMINAL, comes aboard to reduce the Dwarves average age to below 70 for the first time in decades.  Returning to Europe, the UK and Australia the DWARVES team with BONO for the short lived YELLOW charity campaign.

More festivals, club dates, comic conventions and Girl Scout jamborees bring the Dwarves to a new generation of twisted youth who know real rock when it smacks them in the face and yells FUCK real loud!



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