2014: The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll

January, 2014

With a rhythm section of JOSH ‘Freebird’ FREESE, NICK ‘Everything’ OLIVERI and THE FRESH ‘Prince’ OF DARKNESS providing the engine and the reunited BLAG JESUS and HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED providing the fuel, the Dwarves invent Rock & Roll and save punk from itself with another classic GREEDY/RECESS release. Producer and sodomy enthusiast ANDY NOW steps in as ERIC VALENTINE’S crippling Ambien addiction forces him to make another SLASH record. 

Drummer SHARTACUS joins the touring roster as shows with the QUEERS, SCREECHING WEASEL, and ARIANNA GRANDE take the DWARVES across the country and festivals like FUN FUN FUN, PUNK ROCK BOWLING, PUKKELPOP & GROEZROCK, take them across the world. BURGER RECORDS, FAT WRECK and scrappy Eurotrash label NOBALLS release an avalanche of 7”s that leave audiences scrambling for another hit of crack and an oxygen tank. Or was that just REX EVERYTHING…


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