Fuck You Up and Get Live

Greedy Media

Fuck You Up And Get Live 11" Picture Disc Vinyl LP & FREE DVD including the entire show, fan footage and music videos like "We Must Have Blood", "Bleed On", "Over You", "Pimp" and "Way Out" as well asalternate camera angles of the show.

  1. Dominator
  2. FEFU
  3. I Will Deny
  4. Everybody's Girl
  5. Relentless
  6. Salt Lake City
  7. Anybody Out There
  8. Over You
  9. You Gotta Burn
  10. Act Like You Know
  11. Back Seat Of My Car
  12. Detention Girl
  13. Astro Boy
  14. We Must Have Blood
  15. Unrepentant