1998 - The Dwarves Get Greedy

January, 1998

After the release of "Y&GL" through underground labels THEOLOGIAN and RECESS, EPITAPH boss BRETT GUERWITZ signs the DWARVES during a psychotic episode, believing them to be similar to BAD RELIGION, except without all the big words and stuff. Outraged fans picket the label's posh Silver Lake offices when they discover that the album was actually financed by corporate giant GREEDY for a reported 250K (Kenyan). The album is a critical favorite, but offers to tour with MARILYN MANSON, HOLE and THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS are rejected when singer BLAG JESUS learns that the DWARVES will have to play before the headliner. What follows are appearances in The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and The UK where unruly fans lob pints of beer and cocaine and pledge their undying support. These same fans later riot and demand their foreign money back after witnessing yet another ten minute DWARVES show.

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