1991: Who's Fucking Whom

January, 1991

Tales of riots and violence at shows spread, gaining hype with every city. The DWARVES, formerly banned everywhere, begin an era of non-stop touring as fans await the first onstage fatality. Sold out shows follow in San Francisco, LA, Atlanta, Chicago , D.C. and New York. HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED introduces total nudity into the act, proving that everything is a little bigger 'out there'.

"Thank Heaven For Little Girls" is released to capitalize on the press from "BG&P". Once again radio picks a favorite and "Dairy Queen" begins climbing the charts only to be derailed by a lawsuit from the Dairy Queen Ice Cream Co. that pulls the record out of the stores and off of the airwaves once again. The record is briefly re-marketed as "31 Flavors of the Dwarves", but the damage has already been done.


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