1990: Warning Contains Nudity

January, 1990

Retail chains across the country refuse to stock the record as pre-pubescent consumers clamor for the already legendary album. Executives at LA's KRQR hear the record and place "Drug Store" in heavy rotation. The record lights up switchboards at radio across the country, but interference from the then powerful Parents Music Resource Center leads to it being just as quickly yanked from the airwaves. A statement from the PMRC reads in part "...this record contains nudity and encourages kids to drink cough syrup. 'Blood, Guts and Pussy' is an outrage, an abomination and an affront to little people everywhere. The DWARVES are not healthy for children and other living things."

Teaming with grunge guru JACK ENDINO, the DWARVES create the classic "Blood, Guts & Pussy" record in a startling 17 minutes. Wowed by the group's productivity and their ability to find horny girls even in Olympia, the emerging SUB/POP label releases the record sporting a classic MICHAEL LAVINE photo of full-frontal, blood spattered strippers cavorting with a naked dwarf. The backlash is instant.

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