1986: Lick It

January, 1986

SLOPPAGE skinsman SIGH MOAN joins the new line-up and pens "Lick It", the first DWARVES song to be used in a TV advertisement for postage stamps. SALTPETER begins work on his "Tales From The Toilet" soundtrack, which receives a Grammy nomination for Best Four-Track Audio, quipping, "We put the poop in pop!"

Attempts to play live at this point in their career are always disastrous. Original singer JULIUS SEIZURE is stabbed over a cocaine deal and novice singer BLAG JESUS is forced to sing at a MINUTEMEN show in Chicago. The band change their name to the DWARVES and release the seminal and fluid HORROR STORIES album. Combining garage rock and toilet humor, the DWARVES begin their full frontal assault on rock and roll.

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