Dwarves Come Clean

Epitaph Records
Greedy Media

The Dwarves expand their punk attack to include pulse pounding speed metal and mid tempo rock in this adventurous follow up to Y and GL. Hints of the explosion of styles to come are evident here as flashes of noisy brilliance collide with well crafted songs and crisp production. With Vadge Moore, Rex Everything and Wholley Smokkes, this one was so beloved in Hollywood the label just had to drop us as soon as it came out.

Hits include Over You, How It¹s Done and Better Be Women.

Download better versions and bonus tracks on the comp Dirty Deeds comp.

  1. How It's Done
  2. River City
  3. Over You
  4. Way Out
  5. Come Where the Flavor Is
  6. Deadly Eye
  7. Better Be Women
  8. I Want You To Die
  9. Johnny on the Spot
  10. Accelerator
  11. Act Like You Know
  12. Production Value [aka "It's Tits"]