The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking

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California punk would never be the same after this release. The modern Dwarves start here as our heroes work their way from trademark savage punk to radio ready gems like 'Everybodies Girl' and blues classics like 'You Gotta Burn.' Bass giant Nick Oliveri makes his debut as the Dwarves deliver their first classic you can listen to while fucking in a sports car. It's the record that launched a thousand blowjobs and made the first season of Nash Bridges barely watchable!

Hits include One Time Only, We Must Have Blood, Demonica.

Download includes tons of additional tracks, it's Younger & Even Better Looking!

Dwarves Are Younger and Even Better Looking

This special gatefold double LP contains over 40 minutes of never before heard and super rare material from the era. A live radio show and unreleased studio recordings showcase a lineup that included Blag the Ripper, HeWhoCanNotbeNamed, Nick Oliveri and many more. Also includes B-sides, bonus tracks and Blag Dahlia's entire solo ep. Most important there are more classic photos of the naked skater chicks!

Original Release

Side 1

  1. Unrepentant
  2. We Must Have Blood
  3. I Will Deny
  4. Demonica
  5. Everybodies Girl
  6. Throw That World Away

Side 2

  1. Hits
  2. The Ballad of Vadge Moore
  3. One Time Only
  4. Pimp
  5. The Crucifixion is Now
  6. You Gotta Burn

The Dwarves Are Younger and Even Better Looking [bonus tracks]

Side 3

  1. Let's Take A Ride *
  2. The Wicked *
  3. Haunt Me *
  4. Theme From The Vicelords *
  5. Star 69- A Million Miles *
  6. Ask Me Why *
  7. Come Gunnin' *
  8. Lord of the Road *
  9. One Time Only **
  10. Throw That Girl Away ***

Side 4

  1. Unrepentant Theme Intro ****
  2. We Must Have Blood ****
  3. Everybodies Girl ****
  4. Demonica ****
  5. Smack City ****
  6. You Gotta Burn ****
  7. Back Seat Of My Car ****
  8. Dairy Queen ****
  9. Drug Store ****
  10. Fuck Em All ****
  11. I Will Deny ****
  12. Surfing The Intercourse Barn ***

* Blag Dahlia solo record
** alt-version
*** b-side
**** live Radio 97 session