Blood, Guts and Pussy

Greedy Media
Sub Pop

This one put the Dwarves on the map. As grunge put the kids to sleep this classic took punk off of life support and put it back in your face. A blow against good taste that clocks in at just under 15 minutes with the best bloody naked album cover of all time. The world just wasn't ready for this one when it came out. It still isn't!

Hits include Drugstore, Back Seat of My Car, Let¹s Fuck. Fuck You Up & Get High


  1. Back Seat of My Car
  2. Detention Girl
  3. Let's Fuck
  4. Drug Store
  5. Skin Poppin' Slut
  6. Fuck You Up and Get High
  7. Insect Whore
  8. Flesh Tantrum
  9. SFVD
  10. What Hit You
  11. Gash Wagon [omitted from CD]
  12. Astro Boy *
  13. Motherfucker *
  14. Fuckhead *
  15. The Bitch *

* CD Bonus