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It all started here, as four Midwest teenagers went to war with the music industry and were completely ignored for their efforts. Garage rock was never so snotty, bratty or plagiaristic as it is here.
Hits include Love Gestapo, Oozle and Eat My Dinner.
The Lick It comp has all these tracks and much, much more.
Download all tracks and more on Lick It (The Psychedelic Years) 1983-86

  1. In and Out
  2. Oozle
  3. Don't Love Me
  4. Monday Blues
  5. Mined Expanders
  6. I'm a Living Sickness
  7. College Town
  8. Be a Caveman
  9. Get Out of My Life
  10. Eat My Dinner
  11. Sometimes Gay Guys Don't Wear Pink
  12. Stop and Listen
  13. Love Gestapo