Radio Free Dwarves LP

Greedy Media
Riot Style Records

A 12 song mini-album recorded live in one take for Estonian radio in 2012. It features Dwarves classics and rarities done live in the studio and two additional acoustic fan tracks, the winners of the Dwarves cover song contest!

  • Test Press on white vinyl w/ white label & 12" cutout sleeve. 1-Color (black) silkscreen overprint
  • First pressing limited limited to 500 copies on Coke-Bottle Clear w/ etched B-Side
  • Deluxe Banned Edition not available in stores, featuring photos by Driven By Boredom and the WORLD FAMOUS Malice McMunn. It comes in features an "under-the-counter" skin-mag style paper bag silk-screened with the Dwarves logo.
  1. You'll Never Take Us Alive
  2. Drug Store
  3. Act Like You Know
  4. Looking Out For Number One
  5. That's Not My (FEFU)
  6. The Dominator
  7. Salt Lake City
  8. Another Classic
  9. Astro Boy
  10. Like You Want
  11. I Will Deny (Acoustic Fan Cover)
  12. FEFU (Acoustic Fan Cover)