2019: The Dwarves Are Hard As Fudge

April, 2019

The DWARVES tour the world once again, discovering top shelf cocaine in South America, throngs of adoring fans in Mexico and a typically unfortunate time in Philadelphia. SGT. SALTPETER (the Dr. of Scatology) rejoins the band for performances at Oakland's BURGER BOOGALOO and Denver's SABROSA FESTIVAL, briefly replacing REX EVERYTHING enjoying sabbatical near the dome that covers the sky above the flat earth whose ancient spacemen run the DEEP STATE.

HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED rediscovers his mojo onstage at Rebellion UK, while decent criminal HUNTER DOWN discovers what that anaconda is really for. Drummer SNUPAC joins the crew after auditioning at PUNK ROCK BOWLING 2010.  Quickly securing a major drug habit, he's soon linked to sapphic luminary KRISTIN STEWART in the Canadian tabloids as she hypes her Newfoundland themed film "Twilight: It's Pretty Dark Now, Eh?". Together they perform Dwarves favorites on 12-string acoustic guitar in exchange for fentanyl.

BLAG and legendary broadcaster NONAME launch WE GOT ISSUES, a podcast that answers faux questions from real people about problems both big and small. With a rotating cast of broadcasters by their side, the team attempts to inject some sense into the bizarre workings of the human animal every week for half an hour. Within months the show catches the attention of San Francisco’s venerable KFOG radio, expands to a full hour on the commercial airwaves and garners instant cult status in the City by the Bay, just in time for the station to go bankrupt and transition into a parking lot for Uber drivers. 

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