2015: Radio Free Dwarves

October, 2015

Live recordings from Estonian Public Radio make their way into the hands of international audio smugglers and Dwarves fans win again.  Impossibly tight, fast and earth shaking these 10 tracks illustrate why the DWARVES are still the best looking band on the airwaves.

SGT. SALTPETER returns to celebrate the 25th anniversary of BLOOD,GUTS & PUSSY proving that those infuriating emo-beards aren’t just for the youngsters anymore. BLAG produces the SVETLANAS breakout LP Naked Horse Rider featuring a cameo by VLADIMIR PUTIN’s golden retriever SPARKY VLADOVICH. 

Across the nation, young folks galvanized by the music of the DWARVES come together under the banner #BLAGLIVESMATTER to demand a new kind of Rock & Roll, one that doesn't suck. The mighty DWARVES will heed that clarion call or die (again)!



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